The following Purchase Policy applies to all event and travel purchases (“Destination Experiences”) on our sites and mobile applications (collectively, the “Site”). Please also review our Terms of Use, which govern your use of our Site, and your purchase, possession, or use of any tickets, products, or services. If you have any questions, please contact us.

1. Agreement to Be Bound

As part of the Destination Experiences, we offer packages for travel, hotel rooms, and events. You warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and possess the legal authority to enter into this agreement and to make travel bookings via the Site in accordance with all terms and conditions therein. You agree that you are responsible for all arrangements and purchases made via your account and to be financially responsible for all of the foregoing. You understand and agree that, by making a reservation or purchasing travel, hotel rooms, and event tickets through us, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions as well as any terms or conditions imposed by the actual provider of the travel, accommodations, or event, whether or not we have disclosed those additional terms and conditions to you. Those additional terms and conditions may include, without limitation, more restrictive age requirements, and you acknowledge that some Destination Experience packages may not be available to all people seeking to book travel, hotel rooms, and events. You understand and agree that we are not a joint venturer or partner with the travel or accommodations provider of the event for which you are making a reservation or purchasing a ticket. If you are making a purchase on behalf of someone else, this Purchase Policy shall also apply to that person, and it is your duty to inform such person of this Purchase Policy. You shall use the Site solely to make legitimate reservations and purchases for you or for another person for whom you are legally authorized to act.

2. Event Tickets

While the tickets may be for a category of location in a particular venue, we do not guarantee specific rows or seat numbers. The category of location is provided to us by the venue and may not be a specific description of the location. Any seating maps provided are representative of a venue’s layout and are subject to change at any time. We will not issue any refunds if the seating map is updated, if additional seats or rows are added, or if seats change as a result of a venue change after your purchase.

When purchasing tickets on our Site, you are limited to a specified number of tickets for each event. This ticket limit is posted during the purchase process and verified with every transaction. This policy is in effect to discourage unfair ticket buying practices. Each account must be linked to a unique individual and must contain valid and verifiable information. Multiple accounts may not be used to circumvent or exceed published ticket limits. If you exceed or attempt to exceed the posted ticket limits, we reserve the right to cancel, without notice, any or all orders and tickets, in addition to prohibiting your ticket purchasing abilities. Any tickets canceled due to violating the posted ticket limit may be refunded at face value (excluding fees). This includes orders associated with the same name, e-mail address, billing address, credit card number, or other information.

Except to the extent permitted by applicable federal, state or local law, statute, regulation or ordinance, all the elements of your purchase may not be resold or offered for resale without our prior written consent, which may be withheld, conditioned or delayed. Any resale in violation of this Purchase Policy or applicable law will invalidate your purchase and revoke any license granted thereunder. Unlawful resale (or attempted unlawful resale) of event tickets, including without limitation counterfeit or copy of event tickets, is grounds for seizure and cancelation without compensation. Event tickets may not be used for advertising, promotions, contests, or sweepstakes, unless formal written authorization is given by us.

A ticket is a revocable license and admission may be refused. You and other members of your party may be required to follow certain rules, policies, protocols, terms, and conditions of the event (“Event Rules”) policies or protocols put in place by the local, state, or federal governments, the venue owner and/or operator, the event organizer, or us in order to attend the Event, which may include without limitation, wearing a mask, proof of vaccination, or negative COVID-19 test. You agree to comply with all Event Rules. We will not issue any refunds if you are denied access to or are ejected from an event for failure to follow the Event Rules.  

3. Hotel Accommodations

You understand and agree that the accommodations in the package have been provided to us by third parties. We make no representation or warranty as to any hotel to be provided or its rooms, bedding, or location or as to any restrictions placed on the use or occupancy of the hotel or the rooms by either the providing hotel or applicable law. All reservations are subject to substitution of a hotel of an equal rating and/or price. Hotel star ratings for hotels outside the United States are made by the country and may be different than other published ratings and may be of greater or lesser quality than the same rating in the United States. Because of changes in hotel ownership, the flag name of the hotel may be different at the time of the trip. If you are a member of any hotel rewards program, you will not receive points for your stay. You agree that bedding requests cannot be guaranteed by us and are assigned at the discretion of the hotel. You agree to abide by all hotel policies and laws, and you agree to contact the hotel if you have any questions concerning the policies and laws prior to travel. Certain hotels may have minimum age requirements. Some hotels may require you to present a valid driver’s license or passport upon check in, and a credit card or cash deposit upon check-in to cover additional expenses incurred during your stay. Such deposit is unrelated to any payment received by us for your Destination Experience purchase. 

You (and other members of your party) may be required to sign additional documents in connection with hotel or other accommodations. You agree to execute and deliver all such documents reasonably necessary for your purchase to be fulfilled.  In case of your refusal or failure to do so within the time period required by us, then you hereby nominate, constitute and appoint us to be your true and lawful attorney-in-fact irrevocably to (at our election) execute and deliver all of such documents and instruments in your name and on your behalf.  If you fail or refuse to execute such documents and we elect not to execute such documents on your behalf, then we reserve the right, without refund of any portion of the price paid or other compensation to you, to cancel your purchase or to refuse admission to or to eject any person from any applicable facility or event.

4. Transportation

We do not represent or warrant that travel to any particular destination is advisable or without risk, and shall not be liable for costs, damages, or losses that may result from travel to such destinations. Unless set forth in writing, airline and other transportation reservations are not included in your Destination Experience. You will not be entitled to a refund if you are unable to participate in your Destination Experience due to any failure to procure appropriate transportation.

If we offer airline tickets as part of your Destination Experience, all airline reservations must be paid in full at the time of booking. All airline reservations are subject to the policies of the air carriers and governmental regulations. You are responsible for making yourself aware of all such regulations and requirements, and to obtain and carry a valid passport, visas, and all other documents required by applicable government regulations when traveling. We are not responsible for lost payments made toward your purchase if a visa or other necessary documentation is not issued to you. It is your sole responsibility to review and verify all information set forth on travel documents you receive from us. Contact us immediately if changes or corrections are required. You are responsible for having all proper immunizations and required documentation of such immunizations before travel.

5. Travel Insurance

We recommend that you purchase travel insurance for your Destination Experience. Unless specifically noted, travel insurance is not included in the cost of your purchase and an additional charge will apply. Without appropriate travel insurance, you understand and agree that if you cancel or interrupt your travel for any reason, your purchase is not refundable (unless otherwise agreed to in writing) and our and any third-party travel suppliers’ cancellation penalties will apply, resulting in the loss of money up to the full cost of your purchase and related costs. The purchase of travel insurance is not required in order to purchase any Destination Experience offered by us. However, we have partnered with AIG to bring you a premium travel insurance offering, which you may add to your Destination Experience purchase during the purchase process. Our employees are not qualified or authorized to answer technical questions about benefits, exclusions, and conditions of any of the insurance offered, nor evaluate the adequacy of the prospective insured’s existing insurance coverage. 

6. Pricing, Order Confirmation, Processing

All prices are stated in U.S. Dollars. We accept several methods of payment to accommodate your needs, including (among others) American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. If you are making a purchase from outside of the United States on a U.S. credit card, your bank may convert the payment amount to your local currency and charge you a conversion fee. Destination Experiences purchased on our Site are typically subject to, among other possible fees, a per ticket service fee and a per order processing fee. We collect tax as required by state and local laws. We may display the tax separately or include it in the total service fee amount. You shall be responsible for paying any all charges, fees, duties, taxes, and assessments not included in the total fee regardless of when or upon whom the foregoing may be levied, assessed or imposed by any such legitimate taxing authority. If such taxes are not collected directly from you by any such legitimate taxing authority and paid by us directly, all such taxes shall be immediately due and payable by you to and upon our demand. You shall reimburse us for any all charges, fees, duties, taxes, assessments, penalties or interest paid by us with respect to the foregoing. In many cases, you may need to pay a shipping or delivery fee. Any shipping or delivery charges are calculated based on delivery location and shipping method. Please note that the delivery fee, as well as the order processing fee, may not reflect the actual cost to deliver or process your order, and in some cases, these fees may include a profit to us.

We may offer you an option to purchase a Destination Experience package as part of a group and split the payments among the members of the group (“Group”). In such event, we will send an email to each proposed member of your Group that you submit. Each proposed member must individually register for an account on our Site in order to participate in the Group. If a proposed member declines, you will be responsible for paying for that person or for assigning that portion of the Destination Experience package to another person. We will automatically cancel your Destination Experience package, and all prior amounts paid by you and any other member of your Group will be forfeited and non-refundable, if we do not receive payment by all members of your Group within 3 days of booking the Destination Experience package. After such period, we may reinstate your purchase upon your written request if the inventory is still available at the time of your request and we receive full payment from all members of your Group plus a reinstatement fee of a minimum of fifty dollars ($50). 

If you have made a purchase as part of a payment plan, including as part of a Group, you agree that the credit card that you have on file with us will be charged for the amounts and on the dates set forth in the payment schedule outlined during your purchase process. You agree that if such credit card expires, is invalid, is deleted or is otherwise not capable of effecting payment on the dates set forth in your payment plan, we will send an email notice to you and any other members of your Group who signed up for a payment plan, and you will have a period of 3 days to make the payment. If we do not receive payment within such period by you or any other member of your Group who signed up for a payment plan, your Destination Experience package will be deemed to be cancelled and all prior amounts will be forfeited and non-refundable. After such period, we may reinstate your purchase upon your written request if the inventory is still available at the time of your request and we receive full payment from you or any member of your Group who signed up for a payment plan, plus a reinstatement fee of a minimum of fifty dollars ($50). Once your initial down payment is received the price of your purchase will not change. If you participate in a payment plan, you understand and agree that the payment plan is subject to the terms of the Truth in Lending Act and although you will not be charged any interest, you will be charged a fee as stated during the purchase process. You hereby further acknowledge that you have been provided with all necessary information relating to your purchase and your participation in the payment plan, and that we have your express authorization to process payment of the balance and the payment plan. 

Though prices constantly fluctuate on the open market based on demand, our prices are deemed final once your order is confirmed. After such confirmation, if the price of any tickets included in your purchase increases prior to the Destination Experience you will not be charged for the difference, and if the price of any tickets included in your purchase decreases prior to the Destination Experience you will not be given any refunds or upgrades. If your order has not been confirmed in writing, your order may be subject to cancellation. 

Your order is confirmed when we send you a confirmation, in the form of a confirmation page or email. If you do not receive an order confirmation after submitting payment information, or if you experience an error message or service interruption after submitting payment information, it is your responsibility to confirm via your account whether or not your order has been placed. Only you may be aware of any problems that may occur during the purchase process. We will not be responsible for losses (monetary or otherwise) if you assume that an order was not placed because you failed to receive confirmation.

7. Opening Acts / Festival Acts

Opening acts, guests, or undercards (each an “Opening Act”) may sometimes tour with headlining performers. We are not always made aware of Opening Acts or the length of their performances. Opening Acts, as well as festival performers, are subject to change or cancelation at any time without notice. No refund will be owed if an Opening Act or festival performer is changed or canceled.

8. Canceled, Postponed, Rescheduled, and Moved Events

Occasionally, events are canceled, postponed, rescheduled to a different date or materially different time, or moved to a different venue. If the event is canceled, no action on your part will be required to obtain a refund. We will issue a refund to the original method of payment used at time of purchase. In some cases, we may also give you the option to choose either a credit or a refund. In such event, we will send you a notification explaining your options, and how to submit a request for a credit. If the event is postponed, rescheduled, or moved, your event tickets (including any additional add-ons or upgrades, such as parking) will still be valid, and no further action on your part will be required. Any refund and/or credit policies are determined on an event-by-event basis and may be subject to limitations. If we approve refunds and/or credits, we will send you a notification explaining your options, and you may submit a request for a refund or credit. Alternatively, you may simply keep your tickets to the postponed, rescheduled, or moved event. If your event is canceled, postponed, rescheduled, or moved, we will attempt to contact you to update you on the status of the event, and inform you of any refund, credit, or exchange procedures. For exact instructions on any particular canceled, postponed, rescheduled, or moved event, please check the event information on the Site and in your account, or contact us. Other than any hotel accommodations booked with your Destination Experience, we will not be liable for travel or any other expenses that you or anyone else incurs in connection with a canceled, postponed, rescheduled, or moved event.

9. Refunds, Credits, and Exchanges

UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED IN WRITING AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE, ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NON-TRANSFERABLE, NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-EXCHANGEABLE AND NOT REDEEMABLE FOR CASH. IF YOU FAIL, FOR ANY REASON, TO MAKE A PAYMENT, WE MAY VOID YOUR PURCHASE AND YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES FOR ILLNESSES, EMERGENCIES, OR ANY OTHER UNEXPECTED CIRCUMSTANCES AFFECTING YOUR ATTENDANCE AT THE EVENT. For certain purchases you may be eligible to submit a name change, which if applicable will be communicated to you at the time of sale. We shall not be obligated to provide you with your purchase (or any element thereof) until we have received the full and timely payment of the total fee owed as reflected in the sale. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged tickets. Be sure to confirm all details of your purchase prior to completing the same. Any changes you request after your purchase is complete, to the extent permitted in our sole discretion, shall result in additional costs. 

If any portion of your Destination Experience is eligible for a refund, we will issue a refund of the price you paid (or, for a discounted ticket, then instead the discounted ticket price paid), any service fees, and any additional add-ons or upgrades. If a refund is issued, it will be processed to the original method of payment used at time of purchase. We cannot issue a refund to a different credit or debit card. If your credit card or debit card number has changed, but is for the same account (e.g., a new card has been issued for the same account), the refund will be processed to that account. If there is an account, or accounts, that have outstanding balances owed to us, we reserve the right to hold any and all refunds for said accounts until such time as no outstanding balances remain. If a refund is processed in error, or a refund exceeds the original amount paid, we reserve the right to recharge the original method of payment used at time of purchase. We may occasionally offer tickets at a discount after the original on-sale date and will not refund the difference between the original price and the sale price. All merchandise purchases are final, and in no event will there be refunds, exchanges, or credits for merchandise purchases. For any ticket insurance refunds, please contact the insurance provider.

We may provide the option to request a credit for canceled, postponed, rescheduled, or moved events; if so, we will send you a notification, and you can submit a request for credit in your account. Credits may be applied toward the purchase of eligible event tickets and ancillary purchases (such as parking) at the same venue (or, in some cases, at one of a number of venues) during the timeframe specified. We will determine which future events, venues, and ancillary purchases are eligible, as well as the amount of the credit (including any potential promotional amount). Once you’ve requested to receive credit and we’ve verified your order is eligible for credit, we’ll send you a credit code which you can use for eligible purchases, along with instructions for redeeming that credit. Please note that credits typically have an expiration date and must be used before that date. The email that you received with your credit code will contain the expiration date for your credit. Credits are non-transferable, may not be sold, are not redeemable for cash, and may not be combined with other promotions. Credits may not be applied to previously placed orders and may not be redeemed to purchase tickets for the same event as the tickets in your original purchase for which you accepted the credit.

You agree that you will not attempt to evade, avoid, or circumvent any refund prohibitions in any manner with regard to Destination Experiences you purchased. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you will not contact us to seek a refund or exchange from us when we are prohibited from providing one, and you will not dispute or otherwise seek a “chargeback” from the company whose credit card or other method of payment you used to purchase Destination Experiences from the Site. Should you do so, your Destination Experiences are subject to immediate cancelation, and we may, in our sole discretion, refuse to honor pending and future purchases made from all credit card accounts or online accounts on which such chargebacks have been made, and may prohibit future purchases from all persons in whose name the credit card accounts exist, and from any person who accesses any associated online account or credit card or who otherwise breaches this provision from using the Site.

10. Account, Order, and Billing Information Verification

All information on accounts and orders must be valid and are subject to verification. Orders are subject to credit card approval and are processed only after the billing address associated with your credit card and other billing information have been verified. Orders that are placed, or attempted to be placed, using an account with any information that is found to be false, misleading, incorrect, or incomplete, or that cannot be verified as belonging to the account holder, such as name, address, email address, phone number, IP address, or other account or billing information, are subject to cancelation, at any time. Furthermore, if your order is canceled for any of the foregoing reasons, we may sell your Destination Experience to another customer without further notice.

11. Multiple Browser Windows

When ordering Destination Experiences via the Site, ensure you use only one browser window when you look for tickets and place an order. Using multiple browser windows could result in losing your event tickets, errors occurring during the purchase process, or timer expiration.

12. Limitation of Liability

We make no representations or warranties concerning, without limitation, the condition of any venue where an event is to take place or such venue’s suitability for any particular purpose, and you accept the venue “as is”. You may be relocated to an alternative seating location in the sole discretion of us or the venue and no such relocation shall entitle you to a refund, make-good or other remedy if you are relocated to a comparable seating location in the venue.

Objects may fly into the spectator area during an event. Despite spectator shielding, injury can occur. Stay alert at all times before, during, and after the performance. If struck, immediately ask an usher for directions to a medical station. You voluntarily assume all risks and danger incidental to the event for which the ticket is issued, whether occurring before, during or after the event, and you waive any claims for personal injury or death against us, management, facilities, artists, other participants, and all of our respective parents, affiliated entities, agents, officers, directors, owners, and employees on behalf of yourself and any accompanying minor. You bear all risks of inclement weather. Event date and time are subject to change. Please see the Limitation of Liability section in the Terms of Use for additional limits on our liability.

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any place where people gather. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. You assume all risks, hazards, and dangers arising from or relating in any way to the risk of contracting a communicable disease or illness, including, without limitation, exposure to COVID-19 or any other bacteria, virus, or other pathogen capable of causing a communicable disease or illness, whether that exposure occurs before, during, or after your Destination Experience, and regardless of how caused or contracted, and you hereby waive any and all claims and potential claims against us and any companies affiliated with us relating to such risks, hazards, and dangers.

13. License, Ejection and Cancelation

You agree to comply with all of the applicable rules, policies, terms, and conditions (“Event Rules”). We reserve the right, without refund of any amount paid, to refuse admission to, or eject, any person whose conduct management deems disorderly, who uses vulgar or abusive language, or who fails to comply with the Event Rules. Breach of Event Rules will terminate your license to attend the event without refund. A ticket is a revocable license and admission may be refused. 

14. Recording, Transmission and Exhibition

You agree that the event for which you purchase tickets is a public event, that your appearance and actions inside and outside the venue where the event occurs are public in nature, and that you have no expectation of privacy with regard to your actions or conduct at the event. You grant permission to us, the event organizers, the event venue, our partners, licensees and assigns, including without limitation our brand and media partners, to utilize your name, image, likeness, acts, poses, plays, appearance, movements, and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at, the event (regardless of whether before, during or after play or performance) for any purpose, in any manner, in any medium or context now known or hereafter developed, without further authorization from, or compensation to, you or anyone acting on your behalf.

15. You Are Subject to Search

You and your belongings may be searched on entry to an event. You consent to such searches and waive any related claims that may arise. If you elect not to consent to such searches, you may be denied entry to the event without refund or other compensation. Under certain facility rules, certain items may not be brought into the premises, including without limitation: firearms, alcohol, drugs, controlled substances, cameras, recording devices, laser pointers, strobe lights, irritants (e.g., artificial noisemakers), bundles and containers.